AudioSonic GmbH is located in northern Germany, just on the half way between Berlin and Hamburg. In northern Germany´s countryside surrounded by forests and lakes we found the perfect place to concentrate on our work. Focusing on the challenges of your projects and making the best possible solution reality.  Hanno Ziesche, owner and head of the company, was involved in audio business since the 1980´s. Started with developing and producing an own series of professional loudspeakers for cinemas, the attention of major players in the industry like Dolby and Lucasfilm THX was drawn to our activities. Business partnerships were developed, leading to years of cinema and studio sound installations all over the country, Europe and Switzerland.   From the beginning acoustics played a major role in our sound-system design process. “The best and most expensive sound-system will not sound good in a room with bad acoustics.”   Lucasfilm set the first wide-spread market-standard to room acoustics in cinemas and studios by licensing their THX program, checking and certifying each site under contract. Although this standard covered the main acoustic parameters only, e.g. reverberation and background noise combined with some constructional requirements, the philosophy of controlling the whole production and reproduction chain led to very good results and kicked the level of sound quality a major step ahead.  Nowadays, with object-based multichannel 3D audio-systems, wave-field-synthesis technologies, better recordings and more powerful equipment, a much higher demand to room and building acoustics is set. No studio, theatre, cinema or recording-stage will meet competitive quality without involving serious acoustic planning and design.    From the beginning combining the interest with the more and more upcoming demand in acoustics, AudioSonic specialized in acoustics over the years. Today we offer the whole span of acoustic consulting work, from room acoustics to building and constructional acoustics, as well as designing multichannel sound-systems together with the required acoustical layout into a given space. Our portfolio includes special applications like creating virtual 3D sound environments for industrial use as well as the modern studio-layout in which we combine years of experience with the latest psychoacoustic knowledge.   One key factor for a high-quality result in acoustics is taking care of every step. If possible, our work will start with the planning process of a new site. It is teamwork with the investor, architects, planners and las but not least with contractors and craftsmen who will realize the acoustic concept.   AudioSonic is independent from manufacturers. We are not bound to any brand or product. Our main goal is best quality and cost effectivity for our customers. ü	Arthouse-Kinos, Osnabrück ü	Bauer Lichtspiele, Böblingen ü	BMW AG München, ESA 3D AudioLabor  ü	Akustikplanung und Projektmanagement ü	BMWi Berlin, Medientechnik  ü	CineCom, Eisenhüttenstadt ü	Cinema Forum Sarreguemines ü	Cinema Méliès Strassbourg ü	Cinema8, Schöftland CH,  ü	Akustikplanung und Dolby Atmos ü	Cineplex Marburg ü	Cinestar Garbsen ü	CLT-UFA Budapest, Fernsehstudios  ü	Concerthauskinos, Brandenburg ü	Deutsche Oper, Beschallung  ü	DLR, Hauptstadt-Studio  ü	Documenta Kassel, Projektion ü	DW-tv, Tonnachbearbeitung  ü	EFB Potsdam Babelsberg, Tonstudios  ü	Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg, Ludwigsburg ü	Filmpalast Oranienburg ü	Gloria-Kinos, Dillenburg ü	Haveltor-Kinos, Rathenow ü	HDK Berlin, 2 Studios für die Tonmeisterausbildung  ü	HFF – Hochschule für Film und Fernsehen,  ü	Potsdam-Babelsberg  ü	IABG Ottobrunn, Projektstudie virtuelle Akustik ü	JAM-FM, Sendestudios ü	Kammermusiksaal, Beschallung  ü	Kinos in den Hackeschen Höfen Berlin ü	Komische Oper, Tonregie  ü	NDR, Tonnachbearbeitung Fernsehen  ü	Newstalk (RTL), Sendestudios  ü	ORB, Antenne Brandenburg, Senderegie  ü	Philharmonie, Delta-Stereophonie-Beschallung  ü	Radio 2000 (Energy), Studiotechnik  ü	Schaubühne, Beschallung  ü	SFB, Umzug Fernseh-Sendekontrolle A,  ü	Schnittplätze, Synchronstudios ü	Sony Music-Box  ü	Sony Style Store ü	Sound'n'Pictures, Synchronstudio ü	Staatsoper, Beschallung und Studio  ü	Studio Babelsberg,  ü	Zentrale Technik und Schneideräume  ü	Telekom Berlin, HDTV-Forschungsstudios  ü	Thalia-Kinos, Potsdam ü	Theater des Westens, Tonregie und Beschallung  ü	TU Berlin, Ausbildungs- und Produktionsstudio  ü	TVN Warschau und Krakau, Fernsehstudios  ü	Upstall-Kinos, Stendal ü	Utopia-Filmpalast, Langenhagen ü	Zeise-Kinos, Hamburg ü	ZKM Karlsruhe,  ü	Produktionsstudios für zeitgenössische Musik ü	Postproduction Dolby Atmos Studio - CSP, Kiev, Ukraine References
acoustics, layout and planning for all new 3D audio-formats including WFS (wave fiels synthesis) formats
constructional acoustic calculation  control of sound emission  noise protection requirements  supporting manufacturers software aided room acoustic design  layout of the room acoustics according to the given usage profile  multiple parameter approach  virtual performance check of electroacustic sound systems  auralisation
attenting and controlling projects from setting up the initial timeline…
…until final measurments and certification